Old Blog from Panama City Days

These are ALL actual experiences we have had while here in Panama City, FL. Nothing ceases to amaze us anymore!

You know you’re in Panama City, FL when. . . .

1. you see a car full of people, two of them hanging their arms from their windows, holding onto a long ladder (ON THE SIDE OF THE CAR). One of them is the driver. .
2. it’s Sunday and you see more than several yellow busses are parked at Wal-Mart and you don’t see children anywhere. . . . .then all of sudden you see hundreds of migrant workers pile quickly off the bus.
3. you actually think it’s okay to rent a 60″ TV from rent-a-center and fit it in the back of your camaro. They did it! We saw them driving very slowly down the street hours later.
4. you walk into Wal-Mart and you actually see people with no shoes, no shirt. No wonder the trend of putting up signs caught on at local businesses: No shoes, No shirt, No service.
5. You keep looking for highway 77 and highway 98 and come to find out. . . .they’re not highways! They’re just normal city streets. So why do they call them highways? The world may never know.
6. you walk into a doctor’s office & see someone trying to carry their miniature dog into the treatment room in a small, concealled bag
7. It takes 45 minutes to drive 5 miles
8. you have to mow your lawn twice a week, yet have no grass
9. every other car window has something imprinted on it. . .from “hot mamma” to “In memory of”. They’ve got it all here in PC!
10. you ask the locals if there is anything fun to do and they reply with a “muddin”, “fishin” or “nuttin”
11. Goodwill hires out their employees to work as security guards at the local coffee shop
12. the locals ask if your truck is a 4×4. . .when you reply no, why? They are astonished and say. . .. “don’t you go muddin????”
13. the churches boast of having a contemporary service & the 60 person choir comes out in color-coordinated robes, swaying back and forth


One thought on “Old Blog from Panama City Days

  1. That was hilarious! I enjoyed reading this. I have only been to PC a few times but I have seen a few of those things on your list! It is a strange world down there. The beach does some weird things on people. So glad you guys are in Denver now.

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