What does saved mean?

Someone just recently asked me the question, “What does saved mean?” To those of us who grew up as Christians, that seems so simple. But to someone who never heard of it growing up. . .it’s probably the hardest thing in the world to explain. That question has prompted me to post the answer on my page. I think it’s that important. Being saved is a choice, a lifelong commitment, an afterlife commitment & a gift from Christ. Christ died on the cross & shed his blood because we sinned. Since the time of Adam & Eve, a sacrifice was required to cover the sins they committed. After they ate the apple, God made them clothes from animal skins. In order for those clothes to be made, an animal had to die. For many, many years, people went to the temple & sacrificed an unblemished animal. An innocent lamb. When Christ came, he became that perfect innocent lamb. He shed his blood & died so he could cover all of our sins. We no longer go to the temple to sacrifice an animal. We go to Christ. And no, the Jews were NOT the ones to kill Christ, it was the Romans, so please don’t send me hate mail that talks about anti-semitism because I’m not one.
Back on track–To be saved is to admit that Christ is Lord over your life, to believe that He died for your sins & that He was indeed raised from death to life. Getting saved isn’t the action of being baptized. Getting saved isn’t an event. It’s a lifestyle. So why baptism? Because it’s our public profession of faith in Christ. We are telling everyone that we are saved. Our sin is buried & then we’re raised to a new life. Just like Christ was. He took on all of our sins while on the cross & those were buried. Once and for all. He was raised later to walk in newness of life. Wow. What a story. What a life. How easy. If you think this is difficult to have, think again. All you have to do is pray to God to forgive your sins, to say you want Him to be over your life, tell Him you believe Christ was raised from the dead. And you know what, you too can share eternity with Christ. That doesn’t come from being baptized, christined, confirmed or confessing to a priest. It comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ himself. And all you have to do is ask. If you don’t believe me, find a Bible and start reading in Romans. You’ll see it. If you don’t have a Bible, go to http://www.crosswalk.com


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