What’s a degree worth?

The older generation, even our parents, were taught that a college education meant everything. You would never get out of working at the local gas station without it. And for them, that was true. With a degree, you’d get a pension, you’d get insurance, you’d be living the American Dream. Now, with so many students in college, with so many degrees floating around, society has raised the bar again. No longer is a degree enough to land a job. Now too many people are qualified, so now it’s a master’s degree. . . now it’s 10 years of experience PLUS a degree. . . .now we “degreed” people can’t find work anywhere. And what’s even funnier? They won’t even hire us at McDonald’s. They pay construction workers twice as much as they pay us. (believe me, I know this is hard work. . my dad used to do it)I know what it’s like to apply for a job not in my degree field from personal experience. I tried to apply as a secretary, as a coffee “barista”. . . .no call backs, nothing!!! So when our degree doesn’t give us a job and the places that don’t even require an education won’t give us a job, what is a degree worth? You hit on a sore subject for me. It ticks me off that I spent 6 years working my tail off to be told that I need to put my education at the end of my resume so that I can get a job out of my field. And you know what, as soon as I did that, I landed a job. There’s something wrong with this world when they’ll hire an 18 yr old dropout on a whim, hoping they’ll come through and throw away the resume of the 22 yr old with a degree who just needs a job to make ends meet. MAKES ME FURIOUS!!! So the real martyr in all of this is the degreed person. My friends kept telling me to apply here, apply there. . . .try the bank. I nicely reminded them that no one wants someone with a degree. And it’s true. Isn’t that just funny? Many people think it’s the other way around, but it’s not. So count yourself as fortunate that you are able to follow a passion without a degree. Hey–maybe you can get a business degree somewhere down the line, but if you love what you’re doing, who cares? If you can get the job you need, who cares? The degree gives you a stamp of approval, but not everyone approves.


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