Gainful Employment Abounds!

I finally have some good news to share about jobs in the Kocel household. The good news is that I now have some. 🙂 I just started teaching voice and piano lessons at Forte Academy of Music two days out of the week & I am traveling to a young child’s home to work my music therapy magic on him. There are other possible clients that I might start seeing in the fall! In addition to all that fun, I am the new music therapist at the Rise School of Denver. This is a very unique school in that it encourages the enrollment of typical children as well as special needs. These schools are all throughout the U.S. & began with children who are diagnosed with Down Syndrome. I will be serving ages 1-6 and will be working a whole 8 hours a week at a contract rate. So things are coming together. Paul is still trying to get me to be his “sugar mama”, but unless I get more clients, that ain’t happenin’. 🙂 Well I’m off to the mountains for my 4th and last week of Adam’s Camp this year. It has been one of the biggest career-growing jobs I have EVER had. I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity. I plan on returning year after year, but perhaps just a week instead of 4. . . .
Paul is about ready to start school at the seminary this fall, although we are not shocked to find that there are a few kincks in the Voc Rehab system. (may I remind you that this is a military organiziation) We shall see how that affects everything. We never cease to be amazed at the continual lack of attention to detail that the military exhibits. I thought attention to detail was a staple characteristic of the military? Oh well. Besides the mess, we’re enjoying Denver & doing our best to make new friends and really enjoy ourselves before life gets going. Paul will be teaching group tap lessons this fall & I think he is looking forward to that. This is the same Tap Club we were a part of a few months ago. Our former instructor won’t be available for a while. .. possibly forever, and so Paul is taking it over. Hopefully I can be his star pupil! 🙂
Keep us in your prayers as always.

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