Just last week I grabbed my thumb drive. I was in pursuit of my computer. I needed to work on some newsletters and other “stuff”. I plugged it in. . . .and these dreadful words came up: “This device is not readable.” What? Excuse me? I just used it yesterday!!!!! I unplug it. . .and try again. . .”This device is not readable.” I repeat myself, “What? Excuse me?” So I go to my other computer. . .same thing. . . .I go to Paul’s mac. . .same thing. Complicated devices! So this shouldn’t be a big deal. I have all of my information backed-up, right? Nope. I don’t. It’s all gone. I then call the “Geek Squad”. They can help me!!! They tell me they can diagnose for $40 and then fix it for no more than $99. Alright. I can handle that. I will get all of my files back.

So off I go to the Geek Squad. They diagnose it for free, then out comes the guy in the white coat and a badge that says, “officer, Geek Squad.” I chuckle a little until he tells me the bad news. “Well, it’s going to cost $150 to send it off for a diagnosis and then another $300-400 to fix it.” Apparently, it’s bad. I’ve lost everything on there. So what’s on there, you ask? Everything I need for my private practice, private lessons and Soul Fuel Music. I have forms I created, songs I typed out with chords. EVERYTHING! Do I have hard copies? Sure, of some of it. But we have computers! Why do I need to keep hard copies of everything on the computer? Why don’t I just ditch the computer and return to the old-fashioned way of doing things?

So the word “Simplify” has come to my mind recently. Life used to be simple. Everyone had a file cabinet with files for work, health, bills, etc. Those files weren’t going anywhere unless there was a fire, a flood, or a very strange theft. Now, we have “simplified” our lives. We have computers. . . with files that have titles like the ones in our “old” filing cabinets. It’s simple. You create a file, you throw it in your virtual “cabinet”, right? It’s easy. No paper mess. Simple.

Not so much to me. And here’s why: Of course fire. . .or water could destroy those files. But now you have viruses, bugs, crashed drives and the infamous DELETE BUTTON. So you tell me, has this simplified my life? No!! Now I not only have my files on my computer, but the same ones are saved on a thumb drive and then again in printed form in. . . .you guessed it. . . .a file cabinet! Simplify. Ha! If we want to find true simplicity, maybe we should travel back to 1950 when there were no computers, plastic had just made it’s way onto the market, cows didn’t have hormones and chicken didn’t live in cages. Take me back!!!


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