Like a kid in a candy store. . . .

This morning was my first visit to a sound stage, or in other words. . . .a television studio.  The security guard escorted me to the sound stage where I was to do my live interview.  Talk about nerve-wracking!  I was like a little kid inside, wondering “what’s that—what’s that?”  about everything in the room.  I was watching the news anchors do what they do best. . . .talk.  All of a sudden, two of the un-manned cameras began to turn around BY THEMSELVES!  Um. . . .I thought there were real people behind these cameras!  What?!?  I think I’m lost somewhere in the I Love Lucy era because I never expected that!  ha!  But the experience was a lot of fun.  I never knew the news anchors had their makeup close by to touch up during 1 minute commercial breaks. . . .I never knew we could all talk to each other on the sound stage like nothing was being taped. . . .I never knew the sound stage was THAT small!  I also never knew how smoothly the news anchors transition from thing to thing.  I was quite impressed.  And as a plug for Channel 4 Denver, everyone was super nice!  What a fun experience, even though it only lasted a few moments!


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