Toddler Tip Tuesday!

IMG_2343Yes, I know.  It is still Monday.  However, time is valuable and with a toddler in the house. . . .it becomes scarce!  So excuse me for taking the time on Monday to write a blog for Tuesday 🙂

Toddlers.  They are a handful.  They want to explore and touch everything, especially new “things!”  They need sensory input on every level.  Toddlers want to touch, see, hear and smell new and exciting “things.”  Many times they get bored with the same old “things”.  So how can you keep them interested without having to stock your shelves like a preschool classroom?  Here is where my Peter Pan tendencies help out!

It doesn’t matter how old I get, I still think like a child and that’s why I enjoy them so much. That is my tip for the week.  Think like a child.  You don’t have to spend much more than a penny to occupy a toddler all afternoon.

*Take a barefoot walk in your grass or even on the concrete.

*Turn on some upbeat music, put on some noisy shoes and stomp around on the kitchen floor (or buy some awesome removable taps here)

*Squeeze some blue hair gel into a ziploc bag along with some small toys for a sensory bag.

*Clip on a few bells and shake around the house!

*Lay out several different tastes & use it as a teaching moment: sour lemon, sweet honey, salty pretzels, bitter. . . .hm.  Can’t think of anything bitter.

*Smell the flowers at the supermarket.

*Stick your hands in a bowl of rice

*Crinkle up some paper

*Pet your dog

*Open up a container of vanilla and sniff!

*Turn an empty toilet paper roll into binoculars by taping two of them side by side.

*Put several small earrings or barrettes into several Tupperware midget containers and shake!  The lids are nearly impossible to take off for an adult, so with supervision, they should be safe for a toddler!


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