Things I have learned in life

Welcome to my new blog series.  You heard me right. . . .I am creating a series!  By nature, I feel a deep need to be organized.  Many times my thoughts run amuck & I have to create an organized box for them to live in so I can be more productive.  Here’s to being more productive!  My series:  Things I have learned in life.  With the crazy life I have led, I just know there are things I could teach someone from my experiences.  I have lived in several different states, done a lot of random things, and I have even done a few adventurous things.  And you will be the lucky recipient of these treasures.  Things I have learned as a military spouse, as a music therapist, as a mother, as a frustrated home buyer, as the granddaughter of a sweet lady with dementia. . . .  I’m sure I can find more for you.  Please join me for this fun little organized adventure.  Maybe we can learn from each other!  Stay tuned for my first installment of “Things I Have Learned in Life.”


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